Do prescription hcg drops have any side effects?

If you are considering taking a prescription weight loss product, such as prescription hcg drops, then it is always recommended that you are well informed of any potential side effects which may occur as a result of taking such a product. There are many companies online who are offering this type of weight loss drug, where it is thought that by taking it, along with a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme you could lose around one to two pounds per day.

Before taking any product like this, it is imperative that you seek out advise from your doctor, as starting any diet or weight loss pills can have an effect on your overall health.

There are side effects from most medicines, some people will get some of the side effects and others won’t, it has however been reported that you can experience the following side effects from taking hcg:

· A possibility of slight headaches.
· A possibility of dizziness.

It is though that the above side effects are extremely mild and rare.

It is of course recommended that the best way of losing weight is through a healthy lifestyle, combined with a good exercise regime. This is also recommended whilst using hcg too. On hcg you should only be eating 500 calories a day, which ultimately means that your calorie intake is dramatically lowered. If you ate this without using a product such as hcg the body would think that it was lacking in food and starving and would, in response start storing additional fat.

Before committing to buy any weight loss product, it is imperative that you check out the terms and conditions and read through all of the small print.