Used Audi cars promoted at live concert

Live concerts have become more and more popular with fans willing to pay a premium to get tickets to certain shows. The most recent concert which was hyped up beyond belief only to come to a premature end was the Michael Jackson 02 concerts which were due to take place in London this year. Unfortunately the fans never did make them shows nor did the performer. Michael Jackson has been known for his dedication to music since he was a small child in the Jackson 5. He eventually went on to launch his own solo career, which eventually would give him the crown as the ‘King of Pop’. He was known for his live concerts, and each one of his concerts got bigger and better each time. The best end to a live show that he ever did was the one where he had a jet pack on his back and he said goodbye then took off over the fans and to the back of the stage.


Other performers both group and solo acts have since tried become that great live act, Take That were nominated for Best British Live Act at the Brits last year and won. Take That came on to the scene in the early 1990’s performing to a string of both straight and gay clubs, there first top ten hit was ‘It only takes a minute’, and since then the boys have gone from strength to strength. After 10 years apart they decided to bring the band back together and to launch the biggest come back ever. With their Ultimate show being sold out within minutes of the tickets going on sale. Filling Manchester Stadium and O2 Arena and many extra dates which were put on because of demand. Since 2006 they have done two more tours. The last of which was called the circus. The scene was fabulous and the boys did not disappoint, they were brilliant.

Outside the Arena’s where the events take place are stalls and awning (Markise) structures which promote and sell all kinds of merchandise to the fans before the live concert begins. There are promotions on beers, t-shirts, used Audi cars and many other things.

Many of the fans who are wanting to make a day of the whole event choose to hire Chiptuning cars or lease Audi cars, in order to get to the concert in a little bit of style.